Frequently Asked Questions

Are there spots available?

We close our registration when camp spots are filled up. We do have a waiting list just in case someone cancels. Contact us for further information.

Are the camps open to both boys and girls?

Yes, our camps are open to both boys and girls. 

Can parents come and watch?

All of our camps schedules are posted on our website. We always welcome parents to come out and watch their child practice. We just ask that parents be discreet so as not to distract the kids. 

Will there be any body checking taught during the Camp?

No. Although incidental body contact can occur at anytime on the ice, our Summer Camps will not involve any drills or instruction that relate to body checking. 

Why am I being asked for a t-shirt size?

In an effort to keep costs at a minimum, at the end of each camp we will collect the hockey sweaters we assigned our campers in exchange for a camp t-shirt that is theirs to keep. 

What equipment would my child need?

All players are required to provide their own hockey equipment. All ice sessions require players to be in full gear. Helmets must also be CSA approved and provide full facial protection. 

What is a Hockey Canada Skills Day?

During a Hockey Canada Skills Day all of our camp participants will be treated to a special day that includes on-ice skills testing (Both Markham & Georgina) and an off-ice presentation (Georgina Camp Only). Hockey Canada staff and volunteers will be on hand to test our camp participants in a series of tests that cover skills such as agility, puck control and skating.

As an added bonus, all of our camp participants will receive a special Hockey Canada practice sweater. 

Can goalies be registered for these camps?

Yes, goalies pay a reduced rate (Georgina Camp Only) and receive limited instruction, they have the opportunity to see many shots, break in new equipment and enjoy a positive camp experience. The reduced rate for goalies is $100 (Georgina Camp Only). Please contact us to make arrangments and reserve a spot.

The Markham Camp will feature a daily 1-Hour "Goalies Only" Session with private instruction. Following the 1-Hour Session, goalies will join a regular camp group and continue to receive instruction and feedback. The Markham Camp will allow each Goalie to receive 5-Hours of Private Instruction plus 15-Hours of the regular camp experience. There is no discounted rate for goalies registerting for the Markham Camp. 

*Will lunch be provided for my child?

No. We ask that all parents please provide their son/daughter with a packed lunch and snacks for the day. We also kindly ask that parents refrain from packing items with peanut contents as we may have other campers who have allergies.

*Markham & Georgina Camp

Refund Policy

Planning for all Future Phenoms/TNT hockey camps and programs is based on current enrollment numbers well in advance of the camp/program start date. As a result no refunds or cancellations are permitted, except for medical reasons. If a player is unable to attend the camp/program (and notice is given prior to the start date) due to medical reasons, he/she will receive a credit for their full amount paid less a $35 administration fee, which may be used for any camp/program taking place within the next one (1) full calendar year. A doctor's note is required to substantiate this type of cancellation, and this note must be provided within 1 week of notification.

Please also note that credits issued are non-transferable.